Herbs – first planting

Herbs: where I have had previous growing success.


Last year we had a glut of sweet basil. So much so that a lot of the leaves went to waste.

I have yet to figure out how to dry basil. An experiment a couple of years back lead to a musty smelling cupboard. Guidance appreciated!

The same year as the drying fiasco, our Italian neighbour back in London babysat for our basil. Pina was somewhat dismissive of our efforts. Seeing her huge basil leaves I’m not survived. Anyway, Pina took good care of them and when we returned I had to re-pot the plants into 10 containers. A good supply. Too good, hence the drying experiment.

This afternoon I threw in half a packet of sweet basil into three pots. They will sit on the south facing window sill.


A bit early, according to the packet, but I decided to start off some marjoram. Two pots: thinking of placing one in the airing cupboard.

Meanwhile, there is thyme, chives, sage and mint are wintering outside. Of these, surprisingly the mint seems to poorest.

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