Buckland Brewer Gardeners’ Club Quiz


With thanks to the Buckland Brewer Gardeners’ Club, a gardening quiz posed at the October 2007 fun evening.

1. Name the famous garden tended by Geoff Hamilton?
2. Who founded Bressingham Gardens in Norfolk?
3. Cockneys call it ‘Sparrowgrass’, what is it’s correct name?
4. Who first grew pineapples in Britain and then used it in sculpture to ornament the pillars round his London home?
5. What does granulated clay in gardens have in common with groundsmen who put it on cricket squares?
6. What word is used to describe whitish, bluish or greyish bloom on flowers, fruit or stems?
7. What is the state of a plant that has total necrosis?
8. Nematode, a tiny worm, can harm some plants but is useful in ridding which garden pest?
9. What do conifers and sewing have in common?
10. True or false to scarify lawn or seeds?
11. What is the berry used to flavour gin and tonic?
12. By what name are Jersey Royals also known?
13. Gracie Fields claimed to have the biggest ‘what’ in the world?
14. A daffodil flower has a trumpet. Which other plant sounds brassy?
15. What flower comes in parrot form?
16. Propagation using parts of a plant?
17. What is the dense mass of a cauliflower called?
18. What is the name of a path caused by rain?
19. What sort of flowers did Tiny Tim tiptoe through?
20. What is the cutting the top of a tree, sometimes for commercial use, called?

Answers in a week or so.

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