U dig

Another day; another couple of hours digging; another afternoon of sore back.

A plan of sorts unfolded for the second morning in a row. I wound up in a u-bend. Flanking trenches now define the layout of the first bed.

Again without a straight edge or measuring device. I resorted to measurement by Wellington boot: nearly 9 by just over 18. Works out to something like 5 metres wide by 2 metres deep. That is plenty big enough for the (sort of) planned garlic and onion bed.

Another stunningly beautiful day with no wind, brilliant sunshine burning off a morning mist and a temperature of about 10°C.


The usual suspects were up at the allotments: Philip, Alex and Bill. A bit later on Mancs (not his real name) and, I presume, another aspirant allotmenteer wandered up.


Even with gloves, my hands hurt.

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