Committee meeting – tomorrow

Tomorrow sees an important meeting of the Buckland Brewer Gardeners’ Club.

Our first Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 21 February. It might be our last.

The driving force behind the club, the chairman and secretary, have announced their intention to step down for one reason or another. In fact, they both said at the beginning of the club last February that they would give it a year: set up the club and leave it to others to drive forward.

At the inaugural meeting I put my hand up to volunteer. It was simply an attempt to get to know people in the village. It’s helped and I now feel – perhaps for the first time in my life – part of a community. As a committee member I’ve done my bit. I set up a crude website (which is very lonely, by the way); come up with a few ideas; snapped some photos at the “Fun Evening”.

So far it looks like there’s no new blood to take up the reins.

Would be a shame to see it fail.  But, I’m on a promise not to volunteer to do more than I already do.

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