Potatoes and (an)other thing(s)

A parcel was awaiting my return from work. That’s the spuds delivered then.

Now all I need to do is find trays for chitting and a nice dry, airy and light place to leave them. In this cold, damp and dark house that will be a challenge.

I’m too tired to go into the whole chitting debate. Apparently “garden guru” and”TV personality” Monty Don says that chitting – more or less encouraging your seed potatoes to sprout before planting – does little for crop yield.

Who am I to argue with a “guru”? Well, it becomes a moot point as I’m at least 3-4 weeks off of planting the seed potatoes. They’ll chit nicely.

I’m just back from the gardeners’ club committee meeting. There is one and one only nomination so far for the new committee. That’d be me then.

Not much luck on finding brave souls to drive forward into our second year. We have until next Thursday to find volunteers.

Meanwhile, it seems as though we’ve been acting unconstitutionally for the last couple of months.

With a committee member resignation we are down to three officers and two committee members. Checking the consitution this evening, we are supposed to have at least three committee members. Also, the AGM is supposed to be held in March and not February.

Sack the committee!

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