A Bitty, Unproductive Weekend

It was not a particularly productive weekend. I had other hobbies to attend to.

Having said that, after reading all the digging advice (note to self: read advice before carrying out the task), I think the plot needs more time to dry out.

And, it was cold. The thermometer dipped below 0°C last night.

Only a few jobs were completed.

The active compost bin was topped up with kitchen peelings and shredded paper. Both bins got a good tumble. (Bin 1 is nearly ready though it contains some flower stalks that weren’t cut up properly.)

The strawberry planter has had a blanket wrapped around it most of the last 2 weeks worth of cold snap.

I even brought in the onion sets from the porch where there temperature was around zero. Hopefully they will be okay by the door and won’t start to sprout.

Finally, we had a trip to B&Q for a couple of mega-bags of compost and a terracotta pot for my crab apple tree, my Valentine’s Day present.

The poor little twig has been sitting in the gloom under the stairs since the 13th. First, I didn’t have a big enough pot in which to plant it. Second, I don’t think it would survive the cold. So, it’ll just have to lurk for a few more days.

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