Sibling Envy


The weekend offered the chance to compare vegetable growing with the siblings in Hampshire.

Sis has a new home with a 30 metre south-facing garden. What wouldn’t I give for that aspect? However, the garden has suffered from neglect over the years. She inherited a patch of crappy grass, a few flower beds and a liquorice allsorts collection of bushes.

According to our older brother (see below), the plot needs to be completely dug over. It’s time to start again: lawn, beds, the whole Magilla.

Sis has got cracking with a vegetable bed. And, what a good job she’s done. It’s an advantage having a south facing plot, on the south coast, with less rainfall than Devon. The plot is not riddled with ground elder. On the other hand, she has had to dig out some old bits of metal and a few stray pieces of concrete.


My extreme envy is reserved for her rhubarb patch. I was keen to take a crown, but – having never divided a patch before – not keen to dig it up. Maybe next time.

Meanwhile, my brother has a lot of experience over the years producing fruit and vegetables from his “front” garden (it’s a confusing layout). He’s got about half an allotment sized plot.

Again, he benefits from a southerly aspect and the plot is virtually shade free.

Apart from the usual beans, potatoes, leaves, carrots of the plot, he’s gone as far as growing apricots, figs, grapes, oranges and all manner of soft fruit. There’s a well established asparagus patch and a small greenhouse that will soon be full of tomatoes.

I didn’t inspect the veg patch this time around. Just a peek at last year will give you a clue to his productivity.

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