Just about every muscle aches. Muscles I never knew existed are letting me know they’re there.

Two days of digging: the garlic/onion plot has had a couple of dig overs and a sprinkling of compost. The first potato plot is very nearly finished, having yielded a large crop of doc weeds.

It may look nothing much, but those few metres of dug earth are a bit like the few metres at a time that each side progressed in the trenches of Flanders. I’ve pulled out half a tonne of weeds; single dug; pulled out more weeds; turned over; turned over; picked up bits of weed root; and, dressed with compost.

The forecast looks terrible over the weekend, so my back, arms, shoulder, that other muscle that I never knew I had will likely get a rest. But, it probably puts paid to the plan to plant garlic before the end of my week off.

I’m so tired I can’t think of any witty comments. The brain is a muscle right? Well, it’s sore too.

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