Pot in a Pot


Our village fete is running a ‘Potato in a Pot’ competition again this year.

Simple idea. For a pound, you get a seed potato – some unidentified type of first early – some compost and a pot. The idea is to grow the heaviest crop for the village fete in mid-July.

Last year, a 7 year old topped them all with 5lb 13¾oz. One of our allotmenteers took the wooden spoon with a paltry 7 7/8 ounces.

Pots were available at Thursday’s Gardeners’ Club meeting. My compost is sitting on top of the boiler to get nicely warmed before planting a nice two sprout chitted potato. Warmed soil apart, I have a few ideas on accelerating growth and increasing yield.

But, I think I’ll keep those to myself for the time being! Of course, I’ll share ideas offline.

3 Responses to Pot in a Pot

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