Hot Stuff, Cold Stuff and White Stuff


Cold weather deterred all but the hardiest souls on the allotments. We awoke to a dusting of snow. It soon melted though we have had a couple of snow showers since then. Dartmoor, thirty miles south, showed a dusting until beyond midday.

Somehow my calculations have gone skewwy. I am left with 20 onion sets and no room in the bed. Looks like I will have to squeeze in some more. Those red sets were too expensive not to plant!


Finally got around to sowing my chilli peppers. I took a dozen seeds and started them off in a 15cm pot. The seeds are Hungarian Hot Wax, not a variety I’ve knowingly grown before. Our experience with chillies has been mixed: both results and the hotness of the resulting chillies!


The pot will sit on a window ledge for at least a month until it is warm enough to transfer to the greenhouse. The seeds need 20° or more to germinate. If it’s sunny that might just about work though I think I may have to put the put in the back room where the window is above a radiator.

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