Spuds Away!


It has taken a few weeks, but cosseting my competition potato is working.

A few shoots appeared Tuesday morning as my watering brushed aside some compost itself disturbed from below by the potato shoots.

I snapped a few photos in the evening.



5 Responses to Spuds Away!

  1. Erica says:

    Lot the potato in a pot contest. How big is your pot? I’ve never grown potato’s before, but have thought of maybe trying some this year.

  2. Erica says:

    Blah, supposed to be LOVE , not lot. Ha, sorry!

  3. Any update on your basil seeds you planted? Mine are terrible in south Devon…on a windowsill, struggling 3 weeks after germinating.



  4. allotment5andahalf says:

    mine were doing fine up until a couple of weeks ago when we were away for my mum’s funeral. since then i’ve had a few yellow leaves and the plants generally look as though they’ve had too much or need some more of something: water, sunlight, heat, tlc?

    check out my flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/iamadonut/2351898741/

  5. allotment5andahalf says:

    erica – growing in a pot is easy. just get the biggest pot you can and fill it with bog standard compost. my pot is about 12 inches in diameter and probably 10 inches deep. i’d normally grow it in a deeper pot but that’s what we’ve been given.

    some of my fellow villagers – who i know are lurking (!) – might have other tips.

    you can, of course, grow potatoes in a black plastic rubbish bag. just keep adding compost as the plant(s) get bigger.

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