Herbs ‘n’ sh!t

Monday evening offers a short breather and a chance to catch up on growing back at home as well as the opportunity for another gratuitous photo of horse sh!t.


Blue overalls’ tower of turd was dumped just inside the path this past Saturday morning. It caused inconvenience and some mirth.

It was half-an-hour or so after the steaming muck was deposited, blocking my rickety wheelbarrow and its bits and pieces, before the owner showed his face. It was a slightly red face. Not only had the muck stuffed up the path, but also was encroaching on Alex’s rhubarb.

He’s not the most chatty of allotmenteers is blue overalls. But, he did offer the odd comment or two as he spent the next 6 hours (with an hour for lunch) clearing the path and dumping the poo on his perfectly manicured plot.

There were jokes about reporting the poor fellow to the chairman of the new allotment association – motto: ‘down the pub with the members subscriptions’. (I kid.)


Herb-wise, the basil is making a valiant effort. Poor blighters look like they have suffered the usual fate in this house: over watering. I gave them a feed this morning and maybe they will perk up in the promised sunshine.


On the other hand, just check out the marjoram. One of the more fickle of herbs, these specimens have positively thirved (or is it thriven) on the east facing window sill. I will think about re-potting in a week or so. But, it is still too cold to put them in the greenhouse.


Hooray! The chillis have poked their little heads out of the damp soil. I have got four out of twelve visible. Again, the promised warmth and sun of the next few days should help.


A hard afternoon’s dig merits a cup of tea and a scone. Thanks to my little runner.

One Response to Herbs ‘n’ sh!t

  1. Christine says:

    I watched three blokes empty three tons of horse manure off a trailer yesterday afternoon for their allotments at bottom of slope whilst I ate an ice cream. Not too sure what they are going to do with it this time of year as horses have been on sawdust and it sure wasn’t even started to rot. Ho hum – must be new guys on the block. They seemed to be managing quite well – ice cream van had to reverse and go the wrong way out of the one way system as trailer was blocking road. It’s handy being road facing at top of slope – saves on a lot of barrow work.

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