You may feel a small prick


For the last year and a bit I have been suffering from trigger finger, a rather unpleasant and irritating feeling. The condition is most noticeable when my hand has been at rest for awhile. The middle finger on my right hand locks in the claw position. To straighten it, I have to pull it, causing a clicking and a slight pain.

A steroid injection dissolves the nodule that causes the clicking. I hate injections. But, what you going to do? I can’t go around with a claw hand, or even part of a claw hand.

Then again, the condition doesn’t affect my digging. (Yeah, that’s the good news.) In fact, activity like digging improves the mobility.

For someone in a sedentary job, it’s probably wise to cure the locking. One of the doctors in the local surgery can carry out the injection. Apparently, you have to know what you are doing. At least, that’s what he says.

So, on my day off, and a day after my birthday, and the best day of the year, I endure a small prick and an pushing sensation in my hand as the doctor finds the right place to release the drug. The injection includes a small amount of anaesthetic to make it less painful. That means I spent most of the afternoon with a numb right hand. Well, that matches the numbness and pins and needles from my neck problems.

Excellent all around.


In better news, it was such a nice day that I gave the cucumber, tomato and chilli seedlings a treat of sun in the greenhouse.


It was also a great day to plant salad leaves. I put in a bunch of rocket, oriental leaves, rhubarb chard, baby spinach and lettuce. For a change, I popped in a few short rows of cornflowers, which I love.


Next to the spinach (protected from the birds by my horrid, but cheap, coldframe), I have sown some wild poppies. No idea how these will turn out, but again it’s a bit of colour to contrast the green of all the lovely leaves I hope will grow in the raised bed.


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