Nuclear war!


Horrified to find that my lovely onions have been eaten.


Bill reckoned it might be partridge. But, I have my suspicions. It’s the slimey slugs at it again.

Just like last year, they have spotted my delicate, yet pungent, onions and thought that’s a nice meal. Scoff, you may. Slugs won’t eat onions. Well, I’ve got evidence from last year – caught the blighters at it – and the stripping of leaves on my poor beauties up at the allotment this year is exactly the same symptom.

So, it’s out with the nuclear bomb, or slug pellets, if you prefer.

I do not like having to take this route. I have tried everything else. Beer – partly successful, but expensive and not every slug took the bait. Copper rings – they seem to do the trick, but again expensive and I can’t afford a ring for each plant. Ditto copper tape and milk cartons – if only you remember to tape the handle too (d’oh).

Down at the raised bed, there’s slug evidence too. An onion with the untaped handle shows the tell tale slimey trail and stripped leaves.

Protect and survive!

2 Responses to Nuclear war!

  1. Michele says:

    I’ve resorted to that. We receive a mail order catalog that I get which stricly sells organic solutions to a gardener’s nightmares.
    Slug-B-Gone is one I used with great success.

    Slugs are everywhere. I’m lucky I have young boys, they think slugs are cool and love to find them. So between the stuff and my kids I’m good to go. LOL

  2. suzanne says:

    Thank you for everything you are doing allotment5andahalf! It is a great site and the link to the news has come in very useful.
    The link should be live in about a weeks time and we, his family and friends, hope many people take it up and spread the word.
    BTW saw your plot and things are definetly growing there! Your spuds look like their have really come on!

    ps, will understand if this does not pass to go up on you site, but feel free to add the link to anything and send to anyone you can please!

    pps pics of ITV coming by email soon

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