Regular readers will know the saga of the polytunnels.

It ain’t over yet, but the parish council (or at least two members of an nine person council) decided tonight that notice should be served on Bill for refusing to remove an unauthorised structure.

What, I didn’t realise going into the meeting was that local TV news picked up the story this evening! What does it say about news in these parts?

Irrespective of my metropolitan views, Bill and others were featured on ITV Westcountry News. The item will probably disappear on Thursday unless someone can advise how to illegally copy post the video here as a public service.

Bill says he has no intention to give up his plot and he has the backing of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners.

The battle was lost; the war continues.

Update: direct link to the news piece.

Update the second: spelling and grammar fixed.

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