Catching up




I don’t know where the weekend went. It was over almost as soon as it began. In between I remember picking weeds out of the potato bed and starting to dig the bean trench.


The carpet has done a fine job in preparation for the latter. A lot of thistles and docs have survived, albeit in albino form.

The warm weather has led to the weeds taken a firm grip on the uncultivated parts of my plot. Bill’s chickens have now gone. There good work seems to be for nought. Just two weeks after nearly clearing a good couple of square metres, the plot is thick with the weed.


Hopefully, you will have been over to Bill (Jim’s) website to get the full story on his continuing battles with the parish council. I will leave it to his family for now, but Facebook users might want to join a new group. A petition is on the way.

I will leave you with photos of a sunny day in Buckland Brewer. There’s more to life than gardening!



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