Peas ‘n’ beans

As those of you in the south of England will agree, this was a typical bank holiday Monday: wind (gale force) and rain and not too warm. All the more reason to huddle up to the PC, watch the cricket and do a bit of planting.


In the spirit of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, I’ve used a reused bread tray (from the village shop) and some unused plastic beer glasses. In doing so, I’ve recycled an idea from Alex up at the allotments.


Peas. Late, I know. But, if you look carefully at the photo above, you will see that peas can be planted until July. So, nya-nya.


Little Marvel are, I think, the same variety that we used last year. We got a fair crop in a small space. Unfortunately, we left the unused seeds in a tin with onion sets. The resulting mess stank to high heaven.


In the other half of the bread tray, I’ve sown ten runner beans seeds. I will sow another ten beans and peas in a few weeks time; and then again.


Last year’s beans were a mixed bunch. The original seeds took a hammering in a May storm much like the one we suffered today. I planted replacement seeds and we got some plants from the village plant sale. But, the wind and rain continued to play havoc. The spot I chose was in direct line of the prevailing wind whipping around the house. At 150 metres, facing south-west, we get a fair amount of prevailing wind. (I should point out that, unusually, today’s storm was brought nor’ easterlies.)

Anyway, I have learned lessons from last year and I’m not fussed that I’m probably the last person at the allotment to plant their beans and peas. I dodged the May gale.


I have to admit I have no chance at matching next doors’ highly engineered bean poles: look at those cross braces!

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