As the first earlies have failed to flower, I decided to lift one plant this morning to see what’s going on underneath.

There was 810 grams of little spuddies. Ok, a few of these were pellet size and three were eaten by slugs. But, not too bad a haul.

I will try to lift the rest next weekend. If I don’t, I fear that a higher percentage will be slug riddled.


In spite of (another!) June gale (!), another batch of runner beans went in this morning after potato digging.


Also, pea planting can be reported! I won’t go in to the frustration of trying to erect the pea netting in the wind. Nor, will I not recount the pathetic little plants withered by the so’wester.


On the other hand, I can say that the beer reward (pint of Abbotsham Ale) went down a treat!

One Response to Rewards

  1. Jane says:

    Interesting, my earlies haven’t flowered either. i root around in the soil and pull out what I need for the day rather than lifint the whole lot though!

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