You’d thought I’d given up!


I’m sort of back. Not that I’ve been anywhere – except for that week and a bit in Mallorca. Boy, the crops in Mallorca!

The lack of blogging is down to blockage, muse remove, finger cramps or sheer bone-idleness. You decide.

That aside. Late again. The autumn planting has yet to begin though I have been busy digging between the Atlantic storms. A new potato bed is done. The bean and pea beds from this year have been cleared to make way for stuff to be determined.

In the 2008 maincrop potato bed will go some of the above.

Viz. Solent Wight garlic; Sultop garlic and Senshyu yellow onions. Broad beans? I’ve not made up my mind whether to risk an autumn planting given that I don’t possess a sheltered spot. (And, neither does anyone else on the allotments.)

Addendum: a trio of planting tunnels (not polytunnels) are waiting for me to collect in Barnstaple.

Yep. I’m back!

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