Numb fingers

It probably wasn’t a particularly bright idea to go digging yesterday.


On the other hand, it was rather fortunate. The easterly breeze – aka gale – that’s blown continental air – aka frigid temperatures and snow laden clouds – on top of Blighty, whipped my carefully anchored cloche from covering the broad bean bed.


Damage rectified, I lasted about hour in freezing conditions. My core stayed warm, but feeling in my fingers disappeared. Still, an hour’s digging in the circumstances was a result.


In case I forgot to mention, those beds that haven’t been dug are covered by old carpet. In other words, I’ve very nearly tackled the whole allotment, or at least half-an-allotment.

I’m setting a target of the end of May to finish off the digging, That should allow me to fit in all the planned planting for this year.

In other news, my potatoes arrived last week and have started to chit in the spare room. After last year’s success, Desiree make a return. For the earlies, I’ve gone with Dunluce which look like being another very quick cropper – to beat the blight.


Onions and garlic are doing well despite the – up until this week – alternating sunny/frosty and mild/wet/windy weather.

Also doing well was Jim who popped up briefly to feed his chickens. No other mad people up at the allotments.

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