Can you dig it?

A spell of dry has thankfully allowed a spell of digging. Hmm, that’s not what my back thinks.

The easy bits are last year’s beds. Former pea and bean beds will be home to first crop potatoes. I gave them a quick dig over this afternoon. Similarly, the remainder of this year’s onion and garlic bed – site of tons of Desiree previously – had a turn yesterday.

Easy bits apart, I’ve got stuck into to the remaining fallow bits. These have been covered by old carpet over the winter. The carpet’s done its trick though the soil is still fairly claggy. It’s made digging hard work and removing the weeds has been slow going.

But, in February I’ll take any dry spell to get started on what will be a busy year on the allotment.

Pleased to say that the onions and garlic have wintered well.  A few garlic bulbs have gone walkies, which is a shame. I think all of the onions are still there. Once or twice I’ve had to replant sets that something or someone has pick up and dropped.

All of the above have been under protection – either netting, fleece or plastic cloche. Today, I removed the last of the garlic covers. I will give the onions a bit more protection before exposing them.

I am hoping my red onion sets arrive soon. I’ve booked time off in March to blitz the digging and early planting.

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