Pete free

This week’s Gardeners’ World (iPlayer should work for the next week) focussed on moving to peat free compost. I missed all but the last 15 minutes. Why was I watching cycling from Poland?

Peat, in case you didn’t know, is an unsustainable source of compost. Peat bogs have been laid down over the centuries by decomposing matter. The rate at which gardeners get through peat based compost means that the supply is dwindling. Peat cannot be replenished, except over many centuries.

It’s got to stop. In fact, it will stop.

I use peat free alternatives. However, as the programme mentioned, it is a trial for gardeners as the alternatives vary greatly in quality and nutrients.

This year’s tomato seedlings have done well in B & Q multi-purpose peat free compost. All 18 germinated within a week. On the other hand, we’ve seen no germination from our herbs and chillis. Now, I might put that down to watering or sunlight or my lack of green fingers. But, it turns out it might be that I’m not using the right growing medium.

As always, everything is an experiment.

And, please, phase out the peat.

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