Just like last year, things up at the allotment are behind schedule. By now, runner beans and two types of peas should be climbing up poles and netting. Back the breeding farm (home, that is), leeks should have been sown. And, I should be thinking about cabbages and broccoli.

Alas, my body has let me down. Not to mention, occasional lethargy, laziness and bad weather.

Still, at least the first lot of runner beans have been placed under the sturdy pole construction. Another batch of beans are on the go, as are petit pois peas.

The pea bed is a work in progress. I’ve been lax in collecting manure. So, there’s a part filled trench from where the little marvels are supposed to be poking. I won’t mention the undug petit pois trench.


Oh well. It looks a lot better up at the onion and garlic beds. They’ve even been cleaned of weeds. (After this phot was taken, obviously.)

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