Open gardens in Buckland Brewer

09 06 13_opengardens_0011

Our gardeners’ club held its first open gardens event yesterday. Reaction to the day has been great.

The club sold about 60 maps showing about a dozen gardens around the village. We had visitors from Torrington and other parts of the area. Lots of people congratulated the club on organising the event.

Half of the proceeds will go to help repair the church bellframe. The club’s not done too badly either.

Best news: there were but a few drops of rain after a reasonably sunny morning and early afternoon.

After a hectic morning of cleaning and work in the garden, we could only visit about half of the gardens. But, it was great to meet old friends and new and see what others do in their private space.

I’m pleased to share a few photos of the day.

09 06 13_opengardens_0001

09 06 13_opengardens_0002

09 06 13_opengardens_0008

09 06 13_opengardens_0013

09 06 13_opengardens_0010

09 06 13_opengardens_0014

09 06 13_opengardens_0016

09 06 13_opengardens_0020

09 06 13_opengardens_0019

09 06 13_opengardens_0028

09 06 13_opengardens_0031

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