Freedom for cabbages!

09 06 14_allotment_0004

Whilst I intended to grow cabbages this year, these lovelies are a bit of a bonus. Gordon kindly gave me a dozen plants a couple of months ago. Greyhound variety, they are.

I accepted them without any thought of where to put them. Hastily, I prepared a small patch of ground which I’d dug over in the winter and was earmarked for spring cabbage – to be planted round about now.

There was only room for six, so the others were a further pass along.

Disaster struck a week later when my cloche blew off in an easterly gale – it was weighed down to protect from westerlies. Two plants looked hopelessly wrecked, but I persevered.

Lo and behold, all six are flourishing. Four have well formed hearts. The windblown two have recovered though are a month or so behind in growth. Two are nearly ready to eat.

Best of all, my Heath Robinson cabbage protection device has kept off hungry birds and beasts.


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