Veg envy

We’re all looking covetously at other people’s allotments and the best of the summer crops.

Jim and Ann have a splendid crop of strawberries which make my planter at home look miserable in comparison.

Apart from Steve’s sturdy constructions – bean poles* etc – his lettuces look lovely.

Patrick’s peas are a treat.

There’s some very well tended potatoes in allotment 1.

But, the most intriguing of all (I don’t know about tasty) is Gordon’s most impressive cardoon. It looks a cross between of a globe artichoke, thistle, triffid and giant hogwood. All seven foot high of it!

* – Steve added another over engineered row of poles the other day. Not, it seems for more runner beans. He told me he’d been given a variety of giant peas that grow to 8 foot high. It seems the peas have been passed from generation to generation in Shebbear. No one quite knows the precise strain. But, they appear to be an ancient English type that’s unique in this area.

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