Water carrier

It was an evening of more weeding. My potatoes just about have enough room to breathe. Should be lifting the first crop – Dunluce – in a couple of weeks time. Already some of the foilage is looking yellow. My Desiree are sporting flowers, so they too are on the road to harvest.

Another taks tonight was replenishing my allotment water supply. No jerry cans for me, or guttering on sheds or lean-tos.

In the true spirit of doing things the hard way, my water is pushed up the hill in a wheelbarrow. Water collects in a 32 gallon butt off of next door’s roof. I transfer the water into plastic 4 pint milk bottles. That’s hard work when the butt tap is clogged up and let’s out but a dribble. So, I hand dunk every bottle. I push up 20 bottles or more at a go.

The routine keeps me fit and I figure it has a small carbon footprint. (And, I’m a glutton for punishment.)

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