Get up when it’s dark; get home when it’s dark

That time of year. Even on dry, partly sunny days like today, by the time I roll back to the homestead Mr Sun has his hat on, but is headed over the western horizon.

It maybe beer o’clock, but it’s no good for putting in half an hour or so to help tick off all those tidying up and soil improving jobs.

It’s left to the weekends. In between kitchen cleaning – you don’t expect me to do that during the week – making pizza, more beer and Sky Sports.

I cleared out the finished tomatoes last weekend as well as planting out my onions and garlic. But, Sunday was grim, limiting me to an hour’s work up at the allotment.

A fine weekend ahead, so no excuses. Well, there’s a much needed trip to B&Q for the makings of my wood store, tins of paint and a tool to dismantle the pergola. (I need a spanner with the greatest possible hand generated torque.)

There’s allotment beds to be weeded and dug over. Manure: hopefully some free bags to pick up. Salad to sow in the raised bed. Take down the bean poles. Then, there’s always kindling to chop. Not to mention sorting out the overgrown garden and the shed.

Oh yes. The shed. It needs re-felting and a jolly good clear out.

So, that’s enough words. Action stations!

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