OT: Free Ernest Marples!


Geoffrey Cox MP
Torridge and West Devon

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Dear Geoffrey Cox,

I hope you can support Early Day Motion 2000 –  – which calls for open access to the postcode database for non-profit organisations.

Royal Mail charges very high fees for use of the database, even though much of the information is collected by local authorities which get no reimbursement for their efforts.

The issue has been in the news recently because Royal Mail have successfully closed down access to the database by a number of citizen-run web services. These include alerts to planning applications in your neighbourhood, local job vacancies, real time bus updates, and a hospital and pharmacy lookup service.

These services, built by volunteers, and further citizen-based web developments have been disabled because of Royal Mail’s heavy handed approach.

I do hope you can support this EDM and the general campaign for open access to government and other public data.

I would be happy to provide you with any further background if you require it.

Yours sincerely



Check out Pezholio’s post too.

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