What a waste


Our local council, Torridge, is now collecting food waste separately. All food waste – even bones and grease – can be composted in a special digester.

We’ve now got a nice little caddy and corn starch bags to collect our food waste.

All very well, except we hardly create any food waste. As veggies, kitchen scraps go in our compost bin – no bones or animal fats. And, we rarely have anything left on our plates as we’re slightly fussy about portions and not buying food we’re not going to eat.

The amount we, as a nation, now waste is disheartening. The fact we now have to build digesters to process tons of waste that would normally sit on a landfill and create methane, a potent greenhouse gas, says a lot. Probably a function of how cheap our food has become; how lazy we are; and how we pay lip service to reducing our carbon footprints.

Into the new century, my mum still lived as though she lived in the austerity years of post-war Britain. For her waste, particularly food waste, was criminal. Much as her eccentricity became amusement for our family, her principles of waste minimisation – reduce, reuse and reuse again – were ahead of her time. Recycling won’t save the planet. Food waste collection encourages wasteful consumption. Reducing consumption is the only way forward.

Anyway, with two bins in the kitchen already, there’s no room for a third.

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