Photo(s) of the day – Snow event

10 01 05_snow_event_0006

It started out okay. A light dusting at home and not much to speak of in Bideford. But, there was a distinct absence of buses on the Quay. The bus from Hartland arrived. The driver had set out from Barnstaple before the snow got bad. She was one of the last buses on the road as FirstBus, Stagecoach and Beacon suspended services.

The Link Road was blocked so we travelled the “back road” via Yelland, Fremington and Bickington. Each little hillock presented a challenge as more snow started to fall on untreated roads. Drivers let each other slide down the hills one by one. We completed the 9 mile journey in about an hour.

10 01 05_snow_event_0009

Big lumps fell from the sky in Barnstaple throughout the morning. I cadged a ride home as there seemed little chance that the buses would resume.

10 01 05_snow_event_0001

Back home, it was as pretty as a postcard and the roads were passable. Heck, I even saw a gritter lorry.

10 01 05_snow_event_0016

Later on, however, the skies turned black and snow fell again.

Tomorrow looks like another snow event.

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