As autumn follows summer…

…or Indian summer follows autumn…

10 10 10_garlic_0001

A lovely Sunday afternoon: sweating as I prepared another garlic bed and started digging a bean trench.

Four lovely Thermidrome bulbs arrived unexpectedly in the post this week. I couldn’t remember exactly what I had ordered. Sprint bulbs went in last week and I’d assumed that was it. More lovely garlic.

I have to admit that this year’s crop of garlic has been spoilt by nearly half the crop going mouldy. It’s my own fault for lifting the bulbs too late. They “went over”, but I delayed lifting for a couple of weeks. Seems like some of the early crop – Spring, I think – developed mould.
10 10 09_broad_beans_0003

Up the other end of the plot, there’s now a nice trench that will, no doubt, fill with water this week. To avoid losing seeds to mice, the broad beans are getting going in the greenhouse. Most have germinated and I aim to plant out by the end of the month.

Here’s hoping for a few more decent gardening weekends before the autumn storms start tracking across the south-west.

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