The Ashes post

Friday was a bit of a hangover day thanks to a late night (or early morning) enjoying the last few overs of England’s Ashes triumph. It made the Sky subscription worthwhile.

I’ll save the analysis for the experts. However, it seems to me that this is a golden period for England. It’s been brilliant waking up to get the latest overnight score or catch a few hours of play out in Australia. I don’t care how bad the Australian side may be; it’s not great, but not as bad as our Antipodean cousins would want to believe. England have been brilliant.

Despite love of the game, it’s a pastime at which I’m useless. Cricket did form a significant part of growing up. My dad was captain and leg-spinner for Hitchin Strollers. I could never read his googly. But, as a youngster I was pretty useless with the bat, a poor spin bowler and frightened of the hard ball. Still, that didn’t stop me joining in countless unfinished games with my brother and friends. Those games were unfinished as we were usually chased off the hockey pitch which was the best wicket we could find.

Moving to the ‘States at age 8 put paid to my cricketing development. I took up baseball. As a baseballer, I couldn’t hit, pitch or field. But, as with cricket, there is still a strong love for the game.

Ashes parade - September 2005

Ashes parade, September 2005: Freddie and others

Here’s hoping this Ashes vicotry is not like 2005 – a false dawn. As a reminder, here’s a photo I took of the 2005 victory parade. Let’s skip that this time and, instead, move on to the next challenge – the World Cup and beating the world no.1, India.

More photos from the 2005 Ashes parade.

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