Get on your dancing shoes

Just got back from a meeting of our shop committee which, rather reluctantly, I chair.

Our local village shop closed nearly two years ago. The owner was losing money and patience, especially after the Post Office shut. It created a big whole in the shop’s business plan. There was no option but to close.

Since then we’ve been putting together plans to open a community owned and operated shop. It won’t be able to match what our old shop provided in range of goods, but we’re planning to make it a focal point for the community.  We’ll offer the shop plus a social space within the church vestry. We’re working in conjunction with the Methodist church on this project, ensuring that the church fabric is used 7 days a week.

Apart for finalising our business plan, we are buy trying to raise funds. It’s tough work not least because there’s several other organisations in the village scrambling for everyone’s pennies.

We are putting on a barn dance on Saturday 12 February in the Buckland Brewer village hall. So, if you are in the area and fancy shaking a leg for a couple of hours in a good cause, why not come along!

Drop me an email: bbshop at btinternet dot com

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