Morning campers! #ukgc11

Ah. The weekend. Time to kick back, grab a drink and chill out.

Only tomorrow I’m getting up before 5am. And, it’s in the name of work. Well, that’s a debatable question.

Tomorrow’s early start is in aid of UKGovCamp 2011, where some of the brightest people in the public sector will get together on a day off to share their ideas about changing government so that it works better, engages and enables citizens and, hopefully, meets some frightening challenges over the coming years.

“Brightest” probably excludes me. I’m going to learn more than I can teach though I hope others will find my experiences enlightening, if only it’s: “glad I didn’t do it that way”. With over 20 years in Whitehall and town hall there’s got to be something others can learn from me.


The BarCamp experience is refreshing and often exciting. I’ve spent too many hours stuck in hotel conference rooms listening to the same people giving the same dull and uninspiring speech to a dull and uninspired audience.

At GovCamp everyone is encouraged to participate. Lots come prepared with presentations, the kernel of an idea or the desire to share. The discussions that takes place are rewarding and sometimes plant the seeds of initiatives that grow and flourish outside in the real world.

And it’s so much fun it feels unlike work!

09 10 23_#lgclincoln_0003

My goal is to help capture as much as I can from the sessions, crystallising some of the ideas and themes and feedback to as many people who want to listen. I aim to the share experience with my colleagues back at work. I am both ambassador and rapporteur.

I’m expecting a lot of stuff to capture. So an early night for me!

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