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Peter McClymont Daily

Hot off the press

One of my colleagues recently expressed amazement that I had time to publish my own newspaper.

It was a slight disappointment to explain that rather than slaving over hot metal, it was teh interweb creating it for me (or any of my legion of subscribers)., if you’ve not figured it out yet, assembles articles based upon your Twitter profile.

You get an edition everyday: multiple sections, archives, multimedia. Each edition is a wild and wonderful mashup of the Twittersphere, a cross section of your social network.

Today, I have a selection including:

You get an abstract with each article though sometimes that comes out a bit odd:

Incorrect source or offensive? Add this to your blog:(Copy & paste code) <img class=’event-item-lol-image’ src=’… also scrapes links to media from tweets of those I follow. You get thumbnails instead of abstracts. In latest edition:

It’s got a widget to add to your website though not to your standard Javascript-hating WordPress blog.

My paper doesn’t quite replace my other sources of information – Twitter, aggregators, Delicious and so on – but if I’ve had a day away from the web, it gives me a nice little digest of reading material.

At work, we’ve already come across our content picked up by other people’s papers. It’s giving our content a bigger footprint, so well worth monitoring. I’m even considering creating our own “paper”: don’t tell Mr Pickles!

When I was growing up, this was what futurologists said newspapers would be like in the 21st century! All I ask for is it to be delivered to my kitchen table in Berliner format.

Now, if you excuse me, I’ve got to put tomorrow’s edition to bed.

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