Come in no. 372, your time is up

As I’ve feared since moving here…

I’m having difficulty finding the details online, but from the print version of today’s North Devon Journal, it appears that our village bus service has been severely hit as part of cuts to subsidised services. The service now looks untenable.

Not much detail available on the Devon CC website either.

Currently, the bus – Beacon service no. 372 – operates three daily round trips between Bradworthy and Barnstaple. Two of those journeys call at all the villages between Bradworthy and Bideford, including Buckland. It sound like the early morning out and mid afternoon service is for the chop.

I’ve used the service off and on over the last four years. It’s used mostly by  Petroc college students who will now get a dedicated coach there and back. The public services looks like it will be reduced to one service a day, Monday to Friday.

I can cope. But our older population, of course, will suffer.

Reducing the service makes it less convenient, less attractive. This will lead to fewer users. Ultimately, in a matter of months, I can see the service will no longer be viable.

You live in a village, you expect reduced access to services. But, when you lose what services you have, it’s a bigger blow. In the last five years, we’ve lost our post office, shop and Saturday bus service. Losing the last link to town is a kick in the teeth.

All the more reason for a community shop

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