On sitting at home in front of the TV…

Compared with what’s going on in Egypt and the Maghreb, my local political and community problems pale into insignificance.

But, that does not mean that we in the democracies should rest. Our system is not without its shortcomings.

Engagement in public affairs, in particular, is not what it could be. Turnout at elections, though better than the greatest democracy of them all, is poor. Many people either feel left out of decision making or have no buy in to the system, or both.

I’m unlikely to solve this with a blog post. And, the community driven applications for mobile/web that I was discussing in Bristol yesterday probably won’t be a revolution.

I believe that many people in government share the frustration of this disconnection and distrust. We do not want to be faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats. We want our fellow citizens to feel part of a local or broader community and empowered to enable change, to make things happen without obstruction from officialdom.

Maybe I’m deluded. Maybe everyone wants to sit at home and let life happen rather than make life happen.

But, I want things to change. And, I’m prepared to act.

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