My Monday night pleasure

As my work colleagues know, I’m a bit of a TV snob.

X-Factor, Dancing on Wax or whatever is the latest flavour have passed me by.

Long ago in a galaxy far away, I used to watch Coronation Street, if only for the comedy value. Further back, Brookie was a favourite: Corkhills, the Grants, the snobs from the Wirral and the posh lawyer who fell down the stairs.

Twin Peaks, X-Files: devoted fan. And, like most of white, middle class Britain, Inspector Morse was must-see-TV.

Whilst living in the US, I must have watched every episode of  Seinfeld three times. Best. Comedy. Series. Ever.

Nowadays, not much diverts my attention. Tastes change, and there’s not the same thrill of following a serial from episode one to the end of series three. There’s sport, older Simpsons …

Team Durham - University Challenge 2006/7

(photo by dafyd, used under Creative Commons licence)

But, Monday nights – community meetings permitting – I become a Paxo groupie as the Balanescu Quartet‘s arrangement of the theme introduces University Challenge.

I’m there to cheer on any opponent of Oxbridge though I’ll root for Oxford Brookes (aka Oxford Poly). After all, my alma mater is less red brick and more white tile.

Rootes Hall, University of Warwick, 1979

Rootes Hall, University of Warwick, 1979

And, I can even answer some of the questions though I can never remember the name of the Inuit homeland – Nunavut.

PS – I must confess to a weakness for Come Dine With Me

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