Allotment: year 4 start


Apropos of nothing, whilst pottering about this morning I noticed that Starlings had covered virtually every spot of telegraph wire visible.

birds on telephone lines

Teh Birds

I carried on in the knowledge that I was not in an Alfred Hitchcock film.

Year 4 start

(When did we move from describing days, weeks, years etc as cardinal instead of ordinal?)

March: planting season is nearly upon us. I’ve got seeds in the fridge and today was the start of preparation work.

The potato bed at the far end of the plot is currently under carpet, in a forlorn attempt to control weeds. Brambles, nettles and grass have a good hold down there.

First task (or task one), was to clear the brambles. I completed that successfully without getting any thorns embedded in my already ravaged hands. Sorry to say that the (organic) bramble killer needs to be brought out tomorrow to get at the roots. Otherwise, it will be a prickly potato bed.

I’m still undecided about the top end of the plot. Again, I’ve got weed control in force. At this stage, it’s a toss up between broccoli, sprouts or summer flowers. All will depend on how much soil preparation I can finish over the next six weeks or so. And that, dear reader, depends as much on the weather and how my aching limbs recover.

Aches or not, it was good day of fresh air and hard work. Great to feel the endorphins kick in.

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