So, farewell Panasonic SD-253

11 03 21_bread machine_0006

Extra large, crusty loaf

Our trusty breadmaker has given some 7 years service. Over that time, we’ve enjoyed white, wholemeal and mixed grain bread, spelt rolls, pizza dough, ciabatta and, more recently, pitta and naan.


Multi-grain bread

Sadly, the old dear’s paddle and pan have worn out under the strain of, I estimate, more than 800 loaves and 300 pizzas.


I am pizza dude

Replacing the breadmaker is only £15 to £20 more than the replacement parts.

Reluctantly I’ve agreed to retire the faithful servant. The new model, Panasonic SD-256, arrived this afternoon and has already mixed another batch of pittas.

11 03 21_bread machine_0007

Panasonic SD-253: best buy ever?

So long SD-253. Here’s to your lovingly kneaded dough and firm crusts.

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