Nice packaging. What about the music?

11 05 25_explosions_0001

Awesome packaging with the new Explosions in the Sky CD

In which I shall show my age and reveal past musical sins:

There was a time when I thought Roger Dean album covers were cool. I wore flares and even bell bottoms and a grandad shirt.

I miss gatefold album covers. Technology is cool, but mp3s suck. Why would an artist and all those involved go to all that time, trouble and expense to produce a high quality recording just so you can compress all the dynamics out the music?

It’s got to the stage where most popular music is recorded with the knobs set to 11. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to hear it on an iPod or whatever overpriced, overhyped device you use.

I probably listen to most of my music on my PC. It’s got tinny little speakers and an industry standard (cheap) audio package. And, there, sitting downstairs is a half decent, almost never used Denon hi-fi system. It’s not the best system in the world, but the difference in quality from the Denon and any other device I know is… well, there’s just no competition.

My kind sister bought me the new Explosions in the Sky CD for my recent birthday. The artwork and packaging are kind of quaint in the days where you usually spend a few minutes to download an entire album and read the equivalent of liner notes on the artist’s or label’s website.* Fact is, you’d probably downloaded half of the tracks in advance of the official release, some legally.

Sad thing is that the first thing I did with the CD was pop it in the CD-drive and load the tracks to iTunes, compressing all that lovely dynamic sound quality produced from Austin, Texas.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy the music. I may even look through the artwork. However, it’s not the same as gazing at the cover of “Close to the Edge” excited and intrigued.

* – worth mentioning Constellation Records, dedicated to excellent, challenging music and fine CD and LP packaging

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