(My own views, not necessarily those of my employer.)

2011 11 30_#N30_0011

Picket line at the Barnstaple Civic Centre

2011 11 30_#N30_0010

Thankfully sunny!

2011 11 30_#N30_0007

Everyone deserves a decent pension

2011 11 30_#N30_0004

Brother Nick

Why I went on strike today

Everyone has the right to a decent job, a decent wage and a decent pension.

Are we all in it together when the top 1% live off the other 99%? Is it fair that the bill that you and I pay for others tax avoidance is £35 billion a year (pdf)?

The £3 billion or so that the government wants to “steal” from the pension funds to help reduce the deficit is one-quarter of  what bankers are paying themselves in bonuses this year.

Times are tough. We’re all suffering from high inflation, low/no pay rises, insane increases in fuel and food prices (driven by speculators).

The government’s own figures show that there is not a pensions crisis. Public sector pensions are affordable. Some schemes are self-funded by employees and employers. Government acts as guarantor. Despite the economic crisis most schemes are healthy.

We’re not asking for the world. Just a little bit of fairness.

Thanks to those colleagues who listened and took a leaflet. Special thanks to those councillors who stopped for a chat. One supplied us with sweeties.

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