Why I hate Facebook and other stories…



…hello to the weekly blog club.

New year resolutions are not for me.

Too many of resolutions fail before Groundhog Day. Indeed, there’s a bit of Groundhog Day in making resolutions.

“This is the year I’ll get fit.” (after I finish my next pint…)

“Day one of the abstinence starts on 1 January.” (just one more for the road…)

Maybe it’s the cold weather. Perhaps it’s the lack of focus, willpower or, more likely, it wasn’t a well thought out goal in the first place.

Anyway, enough of the procrastination.

2012. I will post once a week. I will share my thoughts and experience of nearly 25 years in the public sector. Gosh, 25 years. There’s been the good, the bad and the Kazakhs.

Over the last three years, mostly through Twitter, I’ve lurked at the edge of a great pool of talent working in the public sector. Now, I’ll try to give something back. Sharing is great and part of the enjoyment will be to read what everyone else writes.

Admittedly, it is going to be difficult to find a topic to write about every week. Some posts might, therefore, be shorter. I like lists. So there might be some lists. And, I’ve got an uncompleted series on technology that must be completed.

This is not my first blogging resolution. I failed miserably in 2011 with WordPress’s #postaday. That was always a big ask. But, before decanting to North Devon, I did manage several years of posting a photo a day. Maybe there’ll be inspiration from that field.

Whether these posts fit in with my regular allotment blog remains to be seen. For now, I’ll host them over at Allotment 5 1/2.

As a sidebar, I have also started using Tumblr for thoughts, ideas, inspiration and a general dustbin. It’s a sort of virtual collection of post-it notes. Check out webcontentmanager* if you’re interested.

Perhaps next time I should introduce myself…


On a chopper bike, Long Island, NY, USA, 1971

Hello, (weekly) bloggers!

* – the day job, in case you wondered

4 Responses to Why I hate Facebook and other stories…

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  2. markbraggins says:

    Interesting post – I couldn’t imagine even attempting WordPress’ post a day challenge. At least you tried. Intrigued at the hate Facebook reference in the title.

  3. Louise says:

    I’m looking forward to reading more from you in 2012 Peter… and some veg growing tips would be very welcome :-)

  4. […] Why I hate Facebook and other stories… « Allotment 5½. by Pete McClymont […]

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