If you look closely…

29 November 2011
2011 11 29_beard_0009

Not a political statement

Apropos of nothing, here’s a variation on growing vegetables.

I’ve never grown a successful beard or moustache though I haven’t had a serious go since student days.

Be prepared for some potentially hirsute photos over the next few weeks. Or not.

P.S. – broad beans planted.



17 May 2011

Who’s that looking out from a window in Windsor Castle?…

New Year allotment update

8 January 2011

Today was the first chance after the December snows and frosts to check the allotment for progress and damage.

Value pack broad beans

Value pack broad beans - 79p

Broad beans: last year, my beans survived the snows thaks to plastic cloches. This winter I neglected to cover what were twelve healthy plants. They’ve taken a bit of beating though some should survive if we can avoid further snow. Just in case, I planted another twelve seeds – an impulse buy, but just 79p.

Onions: the brown onions – Sprint variety – have weathered well. Some of them we’re sitting under a netted cloche. They look better than the rest. Onions and other aliums will shut down in cold weather, but thanks to early planting (early October) they had a good start before the frosts set in.

I’ve got some Red Baron planted too though these are last year’s failures. I wasn’t expecting much. Some have kicked on a bit, but the local mouse has dug up most of them. Yet again, not having much success with red onions.

Garlic: like the onions, these had a couple of months growth in mild autumn conditions before Jack Frost made an appearance. One or two bulbs have attracted mice, but nothing fatal.

Cabbage: I’ve still got half a dozen healthy cabbages under netting. They have formed their hearts so I’ll keep them protected from the birds until they get a bit bigger.

Elsewhere, there’s a hundred and one jobs to be done. Digging being numbers one to 99.

Back home, I bagged up some homemade compost. I’ve also got a small bag of wood ash from the fire which I’ll use on the potato bed.

Great to get a fine day in January to tick off a few outdoor jobs.

Once upon a time, there was another blog

6 January 2011

This is not the first time I’ve set a challenge to post everyday. Back in 2005 – which seems aeons ago in blogosphere realms – I set up Donut’s Daily Daguerreotype.

Poppies projected on the Shell building, London, November 2005

Poppies projected on the Shell building, London, November 2005

There I posted photos on a more or less daily basis, cataloguing dim and distant days living and working in London. It hardly set the world alight. But, there were a few memorable moments such as the two minute silence a week after the 7 July bombings, beers in Dubrovnik’s hole in the wall, hill towns in Tuscany, alcohol, an election, Paris, more alcohol, lunch, D.C. and visiting mum and dad in the nursing home.

Pixelated memories.

Photo set of the day – Iceland

16 April 2010

You want to see my photos of Iceland, don’t you?


Sorry, no active volcanoes, but I think the snowy peak is a dormant volcano and was, Jules Verne fans, supposedly the entrance to the centre of the earth.


That swan is swimming around the lake in the middle of Reykjavik, next to the village hall, sorry, Parliament building.



There’s a funky church and some tin houses in the capital.


Geological action! Geysers and stuff. Not a patch on Yellowstone.


Finally, some very pixellated shots* of Gulfoss, a spectacular waterfall round about where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge cuts through Iceland. I was never as cold as I was that day.

* – I’d only had the camera a few weeks and hadn’t figured out how to use it properly yet.

Photo of the day – Volcano sunset?

15 April 2010

10 04 15_sunset_3

We were promised a lavender sunset by @MetOffice due to volcano dust from Iceland (only £1).

Nothing doing.

Photo of the day – primrose

11 April 2010

10 04 11_walk_0003

Devon county flower, in the wild at Beckland woods near Windbury hillfort.