New neighbours

25 April 2011

Our allotments have new neighbours:

11 04 25_windfarms_0003

Darracott Moor wind farm

11 04 25_windfarms_0007

Fullabrook Down wind farm

Likely to be a more common sight in our parts. We’re in an area designated for wind farm development. It does blow a bit – the wind that is.

Unless we start switching out lights, not buying plasma screen TVs, DAB radios and other gadgets we don’t need, we need more power generation.

In the current climate of skewed economics and lack of a national plan, short of nuclear (too expensive, 20 years in development and, er, Fukushima), tidal (booted into touch), offshore wind (expensive to bring the power onshore), solar (inefficiencies) or biomass (local plant NIMBYed), we’re stuck with wind with all its visual intrusiveness and inefficiencies.

There is a better way: small scale, renewable, community owned and operated generation. All it takes is a bit of thought and the will to live next door to a power station.